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Frequently Asked Questions

How to open and run a tax free company in the US?

Your US company will be US tax free business, if-

  • Your home country has a tax treaty with the US [most countries do].
  • You don’t hire direct US employees.
  • Your business is not hiring a direct warehouse for fulfillment.

Apart from this regular reporting to the IRS and the state of formation is required.

Can the US company do business in other countries without registering?

The US company can setup offices and open bank accounts in Canada, UK, Ireland, UAE, and Singapore. The income from these countries will be tax free for the US company.

Why do we need to buy the whole package?

For the ‘no US taxation guarantee’ to prevail the whole package will be required. The package has everything that we need to keep track of all the activities related to your company in the state of formation and the federal filing requirements with the IRS.

Can we still use your services for already registered US companies?

Yes. We would make all the necessary changes without interfering in your company operations. Your company operations will be examined and relevant suggestions would be made to get your company a tax free structure [if required].

Is your service fees fixed?

Our service prices are fixed. By paying an fixed amount you will get have hassle free operations in the US and permitted countries. We will handle everything related to the US state[s], other countries and the IRS. We have a lot of experience with the non-US resident business types and the prices reflects every necessary services required for you to run a tax free business in the US.

FAQ Strategy

What is your guarantee of no US taxation?

We charge a fixed price for a US company’s compliance and guarantee that as long as the company do not brake the parameters, there will be no taxation. If there is any IRS tax notices demanding back taxes then we will pay it on your behalf.

Every year after the successful filing for your company with the US state and IRS, you’ll receive an acknowledgement from both the state and the IRS, confirming if any tax is due or not. You may also reach out to the IRS over the phone to get that confirmation.

Our guarantee stays for as long as you make payments on time and stay with our agreement.

The agreement will be shared upon the completion of your initial filings.

What is your Partnership & Investing option?

This is a program where you as a US startup owner would get a chance to get USD Merchant’s services for discounted price in return of a small share in your startup.

We will help your business procure funding for operations after it’s initial run. You can also invest in other businesses that we handle.

What is your refund policy?

We will either resolve the current situation or provide you with a refund.
Refunds will be issued to you and will include all of the fees you paid minus any out of pocket costs we have incurred as a result of your order, such as state filing fees and other third party costs.

Your request for refund must be made within 7 days of purchase for this refund guarantee to remain effective. A service fee of 18% will also be charged for any refunded order.

Do you have any references?

We have served clients from more than 13 countries.

We can’t reveal all our client’s details as it goes against our privacy policy. However, you may check out this link, which should give you an idea of what kind of issues we handle.